n e v e r t h e l e s s


(...) there is serenity:
     no arranged terror: no forcing of image, plan,
or thought:
no propaganda, no humbling of reality to precept:
terror pervades but is not arranged, all possibilities
of escape open: no route shut, except in
     the sudden loss of all routes (...)

– A.R. Ammons

Art, it seems, is in a unique position to postulate whether the world is beautiful or not — or at the very least, whether it makes sense to treat it as such. It suggests a hierarchy of sorts, through the attention given and the attention sought, that this particular arrangement of stuff in the world somehow speaks to the world as a whole. It's a proposition.

Nevertheless was one of the first site-specific projects I've done as a series. It was shot at Floyd Bennett Field in fall of 2012.