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Lots of new work in progress

The year has been fruitful. I am readying a few large updates for the ongoing series, figuring out a new one, and slowly working through Sentences on Landscape — a separate string of fragmented writing that will one day get its own page here. For now, the updates will be appearing on Instagram.

This, Promised

Published at MAP6.

В седьмом номере ROAR

Выборка прошлогодних антивоенных текстов.

Interview with Urbanautica

Talking about landscape theory and "Old Growth".

Стихи, написанные на острове

Выборка текстов за три с половиной года.

Old Growth, vol II


The Old Growth series has recently received the Urbanautica Award for 2021, and was expanded with new work.

Мирный город

Последняя публикация в журнале "ФЛАГИ".

This, Promised

Published in AINT BAD.

Young Land

2015, 2022

 A new series on the natural and social landscape of Iceland.