(...) Остается лишь – место. У костра нищие боги.
Оставались. Были. Ни с кем не делились местью.
Зависть их отличала. Как пустые кувшины.
Но мы жили. Не зная, откуда известно то,
                                                                 что изначально неведомо.

— А.Т. Драгомощенко

The language of landscape is usually that of persistence — though often it seems that a lot of young context is being poured into old skins. Within a few decades one and the same site can transition from a salt marsh into an industrial dumping ground, and then back into a salt marsh — different parts still showing their old incarnations. And as the people that live nearby continue to come and go, the newcomers may be likely to think the place has been this way always.

Īdyll is a perpetually ongoing project that documents a stretch of reclaimed land from Coney Island creek to the Southwest Brooklyn MTS sanitation site.